Virtual Advisor

What does it mean to be a virtual financial advisor?

Most of Us Work from Home due to Lock down Restrictions clients are Welcomed to Book A FREE Virtual Meeting  . So We work from our home offices and engage with clients in a secure, on-line video conferencing environment. GoodPersonalFinancialAdvisor Has  transitioned to a 70% virtual practice in 2021 and we now serve clients all across the country. Click Here  and Contact Us 

The benefits of working with a virtual financial advisor

Save Time – Being virtual means you do not have to drive in traffic to our office. You can meet with us on your lunch break at work, from your couch at home or even while you are on vacation. If you have a device and the internet, we can meet. Click Here 

Save Money – You don’t have to take time off work or hire a babysitter to meet with us since we do not hold strict 9-5 office hours. Meet us when it is convenient for you, from wherever you are, and save on travel costs. Click Here 

Better for the Environment – Since we don’t drive to an office daily, and our clients are not required to drive to see us, there are less cars on the road and less carbon dioxide being emitted. In addition, we don’t print lengthy plans for our clients. Whenever possible, we minimize our consumption of paper, ink, and other supplies. Click Here 

You Can Live Anywhere – No matter where our clients move to, we have been able to “move” with them and remain a constant in their lives.