Gayton McKenzie A Hustlers Bible 2 Book Summary

Gayton McKenzie has Written so many Books and as you may be aware I was given A Hustlers bible as a Gift in 2014 by my Mentor and I had fallen in love with McKezines work since then

2018 I bought myself the Gayton McKenzie A Hustlers Bible The New Testament, But it kinder Bothers me the Fact that only one of his books is available on Amazon, and during covid 19 I joined the Amazon Associate Programme as an Affiliate Marker to make an extra income on this Website while helping people by recommending Good Personal Financial Books,
I wanted to share All his books on my Website for Vistors to also enjoy and help from the G
on Page 108


Gayton McKenzie Wrote a number of us Grew up under circumstances where tax payments were unheard of, and this wasn’t due to some form of Tax Evasion or noncompliance on our part, it was simply a result of the fact that our parent’s wages were so meager that they fell way below the income tax threshold. attaining tax literacy was not a priority due to a basic lack of exposure

Circumstances have since changed for most of us and we are required to pay our due and contribute to the tax purse
Paying TAX can be the last thing on our minds when we do a deal or run into some money, it usually only comes to mind once we have already spent most of the funds if obligation fails to cross our mind at all because we are out there enjoying the fruits of our labor, a reminder will come in the form of that dreaded mail or call from the South African Revenue Services, All too often that call comes little too late because soon after the call from South African Revenue Services you will likely receive another call from someone who swears on their life that they can sort out all your recently discovered Tax Problems
the Person will give you a referral list of sorts naming all the people they helped with their tax obligations, this person sure can help you already, they can help you get a one way trip to Behind bars,

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so the moral of the story is The South African Revenue services is one institution you don’t want to play hide and seek with it, no matter how good you are, these guys will find you and you can be rewarded with to serve a long time behind bars for neglecting to pay your taxes and even longer stay for deliberate tax evasion, and this can be very detrimental to your business and reputation too and can undermine any future business prospects and a Businesspeople/ Hustlers it is our responsibility to educate ourselves with matters related to tax and current laws of Tax and do the right thing by complying
If You happen to find yourself in a situation where you have neglected to pay your taxes, The South African Tax Revenue can make provision and specific arrangements for you to pay them back
Read The Article about the Well Known Dj who recently had to do this with SARS, use this link

This is a legal way that is much better than accomodating common that mislead you into believing that you can make your tax liability virtually disappear by simply playing around with few numbers
The moral of the Story pay your taxes it just makes good business sense
on page 224 of the Hustlers Bible, The New Testament Gayton Mckezine speaks about Forex


Take Time to understand where and how the money is going to be made in a hustle before spending your time and effort on it

He Wrote i come from a family of Gamblers. His money and her entire group of friends live for their trips to the Casino. You can invite them to any family function, at any location, and rest assured their day will not be complete until they have visited a casino in that area, I had to listen to countless gambling stories from them over the years and there is one particular fact that has stood out about all of them, their stories are always about their wins at the casino, i can’t remember ever hearing them talk about the times that they lost of which I am sure there have been many, listening to them will make a non-gambler rush to the nearest casino to collect these mass winnings and cash in on this seemingly never-ending money train,

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Actually, i know what G is talking about, we had a Friend that we used to Drive Uber with and whenever we tried of working at night we would go offline and Chill at the Casion while enjoying the Free WIFi.
he started playing and that was early 2018, the Guy is deep into Gambling as we speak, He travels all around the Eastern Cape looking for the best Machines to play and win,
Actually winning those machines activate your Dopamine and is very addictive like our smartphones, to learn more about this Purchase these books
The topic for another day, Lets stick to Gayton Mckezine A hustlers Bible New Testament summary

Gayton McKenzie continues and says After Listening to Casino Gamblers you would think it is impossible to lose money in those places because of the way they rave about it, Based on their stories alone the casino would appear to be that gift that just keeps giving, they are not lying about the times that they have won, but they are concealing a portion of the truth by omitting the times that they did not win

Its a Natural Human Tendency to believe in Luck, this magical force that balances the good and bad stuff that happens to us, when we are on a winning Streak, we tell ourselves we are on roll, when we are been on a losing streak, we tell ourselves we are owned to win, this sort of thinking makes for really bad investment decisions

A New Craze has swept over South Africa, predominately captivating the Black middle class, it goes by the name FOREX, Trading and it is spreading with the tenacity of a wildfire, The People that have seen success in FOREX trading are encouraged aging others to join their ever winning bandwagon. seminars are being held across the country and the main speakers at these Forex conferences come kitted out from head to toe in designer clothing and driving the lastest sports cars, they look like and smell like ooze success, just like gamblers they are quick to tell you endless stories about their experience and again you will pick up on that one the particular fact about their stories, but losing will not even feature in the conversations, it won’t make you be aware of these Get Rich Quick Scheme

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