How to Write a Free Will without a Lawyer, Benefits of a Valid Will

What is a Will? A Will is a Legal Documentation that states a Persons desires/ wishes as to how their funds will be allocated After they Passed on and to which Person will manage the Funds until the final allocation  What happens if someone passes on without a Written Valid Will? there’s a Flowchart that … Read more

Financial Reporting | Basic | Understanding Inventory Cost Allocation, Assets, and Liabilities

Recording systematic way of keeping track of business transactions that have a monetary or financial impact on the business, whereas financial reporting is providing financial information about a business that is useful to exist and potential investors, so, why would businesses record financial information? Purchase this Accounting Book for More  Well, they’ll use past … Read more

Gayton McKenzie A Hustlers Bible 2 Book Summary

Gayton McKenzie has Written so many Books and as you may be aware I was given A Hustlers bible as a Gift in 2014 by my Mentor and I had fallen in love with McKezines work since then 2018 I bought myself the Gayton McKenzie A Hustlers Bible The New Testament, But it kinder Bothers … Read more

best offshore bank accounts for South African citizens

What ARE OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS? When You are Young, You want to try to make sure that a good Funds of your investments are global, You know why? because diversification lowers your risk, Email me Let’s chat here  so to simply it Offshore is investing your money overseas and it is safer to invest in 10 … Read more

Gayton McKenzie A Hustlers Bible Summary Book

The year was late 2014 when I started working at Coast Land Sales (PTY)Ltd as a General Worker I was 20 years of age, so to give you a bit of a Context I had been called to the Bosses Office after our lunchtime I think it was around 14;15, I had just finished Painting … Read more

What are the Benefits of Life Cover in South Africa

WHAT IS A LIFE COVER ? Most of us have loved ones that are financially dependent on us, Life cover pays out a lump sum amount of funds when the life covered / Policyholder passes away,this is to make sure that the loved ones are provided with a sense of financial security while mourning the … Read more

How to Spot a Good Retirement Fund

You Wondering How the Hell does this Retirement Annuity works? Well Great News the Government is not really that bad after all because it turns out that they want you, yes you to win this Retirement Annuity with a Great tax return Game, so they give you a booster in the form of tax breaks  … Read more