Some people use the terms “financial advisor” and “broker” interchangeably and most investors are under the impression that they’re an equivalent , but they’re actually vastly different. It’s vital that you simply understand the difference between the 2 especially when putting your trust into a private who will take hold of your financial needs and … Read more

Good Personal Financial Advisory

An insurance firm is required to try to many things to fulfill its promise to its customers andreturn profits to its shareholders or members.These tasks include the following: link https://amzn.to/395NKJy ● Pricing risk (working out the proper price of insurance premiums). Generally, if the valueof premiums is just too high, fewer people can pay for … Read more


The management of exposure to misfortune and adversity and thanks to affecting these riskshave been central to human existence. The initial human concern was a search for security andavoidance of risks that threatened extinction. FREE Audible link here https://amzn.to/35Ygd1K The management of downside risk is anextension of the endeavor to contain the risks that cause … Read more

What is Risk Insurance?

In whatever way people use the term “risk”  – in other words, whether or not they ask the loss of a life or a possible change in share prices – these uses have a standard element, namely the fact that there’s uncertainty about the longer-term outcomes.  within the case of an insurance firm, the insured is mentioned because of the risk because there’s uncertainty … Read more

Ultimate ways How to get a Sars Refund

Firstly Contribute towards a retirement pension Your contributions towards retirement funds are tax-deductible up to a limit of 27,6% of the greater of your taxable income or remuneration (to a maximum of R350,001 per year). This limit applies to the whole contributions you create to any pension, provident, or retirement annuity(RA) fund during the year. … Read more